[*EXCLUSIVE] XIA junxu_김준수 Interview (ENG SUB/韓語中字) – YouTube


Today, the celebrity guest that’s invited to Hallyu World is vocalist, Xia, of Korean Idol-group JYJ who became popular across the globe after their debut. It’s Hye-soo’s second time meeting with Xia. It’s been two years of preparation since he released his last album, And now he has returned with his new album. Now he looks more confident and mature.

JYJ and XIA focused mostly on performing concerts and releasing albums.They toured not only in Asia but also in North America, Europe, South America and around the world. They have many fans all over the world!

Xia is not only well known as a K-POP artist but also in the musical industry. Through large scale musicals such as ‘Mozart’ and ‘Elizabeth’ he has been improving rapidly. Does he have any special feelings between K-POP and musicals performances?
Especially, his performance of the “Last Dance” in the musical ‘Elizabeth,’ captivated me! It’s indeed amazing!

Xia is touring Asia again this year. I hope that his concerts will


Korean Actress: Lee Yeonhee Teaser (EN SUB/中字) – YouTube


She debuted at an early age. With her natural beauty, innocent fee and sweet smile, Since the age of 13 she played the lead role in many MVs for popular music artists.
She was the beautiful young Jung-hwa in “Emperor of the Sea”.
Together with Hyun Bin they weaved a fairy tale love story in “A Millionaire’s First Love”. In “East of Eden” with Song Seung-heon, she earned many acting awards. In “Paradise Ranch” she played as the lead actress for the first time, and her natural acting skills was recognized by the audience.
Now the child actress is shining brightly than ever before.
Lee Yeon-hee visits Hallyu World!



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[*EXCLUSIVE]: f(x)_Amber_劉逸雲 엠버 專訪 [中字] – YouTube


American born and raised Taiwanese K-POP artist, Amber shares her story and latest album with her fans in Hallyu World’s exclusive Celebrity Interview. She has been part of the girl group f(x) since their debut in 2009 but only recently released her EP, ‘Beautiful’ earlier this year. Listen to her personal story about music, life and love. Amber shares back scene stories while filming as well as personally answering questions for her fans!

[*KPOP] JYJ_XIA_金俊秀_Junsu_김준수 做客《韓流世界》(EN SUB/中字) – YouTube


[*KPOP] JYJ_XIA_金俊秀_김준수 做客《韓流世界》(EN SUB/中字)

Xian is back this year with his new comeback album, ‘Flower!’ After releasing his two hit studio albums, ‘Tarantallegra’ and ‘Incredible,’ Xiah is showing himself in a new light, now even stronger than before. Listen to what he has to say about his new album, musical acting and upcoming concert in Shanghai, only on Hallyu World’s exclusive celebrity interview!

Hallyu World Fan2Star event – interview Hwang Jung Eum from “Kill Me Heal Me”!


Hallyu World Fan2Star event – interview Hwang Jung Eum from “Kill Me Heal Me”! – deadline for submission is March 13, 2015 EST

Do you have questions you would like to ask Hwang Jung Eum, including questions regarding “Kill Me Heal Me”?
1. Let Hwang Jung-eum see you! Record your question in a short video and post the link on ESTAR 韓流風’s page(@EstarKR)
2. Too shy? Leave your question in the comment below and our host Hye-soo will ask her for you

* Please use Chinese, English, or Korean
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[*KPOP]: f(x)_Amber_劉逸雲 做客韓流世界 Teaser (EN SUB/中字) – YouTube


She’s cool and cheerful, outgoing and open, her lovely smile earned her the nickname “llama”,
f(x) member Amber is Taiwanese American, she caused a sensational response even before her debut,
With her refreshing voice, she delivered the message of being strong and optimism in her first solo album “Beautiful”,
Let’s listen to Amber’s story at Hallyu World!

[*EXCLUSIVE]: 1st Actor Idol Band_韓國第一個演員男團 5urprise (EN SUB/韓語中字)


The first ever Korean-Idol actor’s group has been formed and debuted with impressive results. The five members Gong Myung, Yoo Il, Lee Tae-hwan, Kang Tae-oh and Seo Kang-joon started out with their drama-toon, ‘After School, Lucky Or Not,’ starring alongside Korean actress, Kim So Eun. Each member is unique in their own way and has been undertaking different activities lately. Learn more about the members and hear what they have to say in this exclusive interview with Hallyu World.