Lee Min Ho, SHINee’s Minho, 2PM’s Taecyeon, Yoo AhIn @2015 BLUE DRAGON FILM AWARDS


Lee Min Ho 李敏鎬, Minho (SHINee)崔珉豪,Yoo Ah In 劉亞仁, Taecyeon (2PM) 玉澤演,Park Bo Young 朴寶英, Yoo Jun Sang 劉俊相, Kim Hye-soo 金惠秀, Oh Dal-su 吳達庶, Seolhyun (AOA) 金雪炫, Kang Ha Neul 姜河那, Moon Jung Hee 文晶熙, Yoo Hae Jin 柳海真, Lee Jung Jae 李政宰, Da Som (SISTAR) 金多絮, Lee Yu Bi 李侑菲, Park Seo Joon 朴敘俊, Hong Jong Hyun 洪宗玄…


CHOI SIWON (Super Junior) Talks Inside Out


This exclusive interview with Super Junior’s Siwon was conducted on a Yacht at Gimpo city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, before Siwon joins the military service and during his drama, ‘She Was Pretty’ is broadcasting. From this interview, Siwon shared about his beliefs and philosophy of life as his true self, rather than as a Hallyu Idol star, emphasising his care and love to his fans.

One of the highlights of this interview includes ‘Hallyu World’s 33Q,’ where Siwon answered 33 questions from his fans around the world within a time frame of 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

2015 NY KPOP BASH with I Love Dance [ENG ONLY] – YouTube


On November 15, I Love Dance held it’s first K-POP Club party in New York City. The event line-up included a costume contest where 8 finalists competed as their favorite K-POP Star, raffles and giveaways, dance performances and an amazing K-POP Talent Contest where singers, dancers, rappers and other talents rocked the stage…

Hallyu World – Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2016 RECAP_2016春夏季首爾時尚周 (ENG SUB) – YouTube


The biggest event of the year for fashion icons! The star-studded event saw all the latest and hottest celebrities, such as Yoo Ah In(劉亞仁), EXO, Girls’ Generation(少女時代), Shinee, and Park Shin Hye(朴信惠), among others.
At this year’s S/S 2016 SFW, we saw many celebrities walking the runway including Bora from Sistar, Jungsin from CN BLUE and Ravi and Leo from VIXX. They all did a fantastic job! And other actors such as Kim Woo-bin (金宇彬) and Lee Sung-kyung (李聖經) who began their career as a model also returned to the catwalk and showed us what they are good at!

1. Lucky Chouette
2. Andy & Debb
3. LIE
4. Mag & Logan
5. push Button

Hallyu World – YOO AH IN – The 'Rich Boy' and 'Tragic Prince'_2015年度最熱新生代 劉亞仁(ENG SUB) – YouTube


Take a look at Hallyu World’s highlight of hot star Yoo Ah-in in the films “Veteran” and “The Throne” which became box office hits this year! With Yoo’s first time playing as the antagonist in “Veteran” and Crown Prince in “The Throne” he is a versatile actor that quickly garnered much attention in the film industry.

Korean Music – Healing Concert in New York (Eng ONLY) – YouTube


On October 31st, the second Healing Concert was held in New York at the North Shore University Hospital
Guest performances were made by Superstar K3’s Christina Love Lee, Popera Singer Jung Sehun and Actor Heo Joon-ho, who changed the auditorium into a festive atmosphere of vocal wonder.