[THE SEEDS OF VIOLENCE] So-yi | PARK Seong-il – YouTube


Jooyong fails to expose abuses he had suffered from his senior. When every member of his platoon gets passes, the senior starts searching for the culprit who…


What would Gong Yoo look like as a Fashion Illustration? – YouTube


09/27: #1 Song Joong Ki, The Romantic Captain in ‘Descendants of the Sun’
09/29: #2 Im Yoon-ah, The Charming Daughter in ‘The King Loves’
10/03: #3 Gong Yoo, The Great General in ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’
10/06: #4 The Valiant Artist
10/10: #5 The Water God
10/13: #6 The Longing Queen

Travel to JINJU – YouTube


Jinju is located at the South of Korea in Gyeongnam. And along with its river, Jinju is one of the most beautiful and iconic cities in Korea. It has a breathtaking scenic view with many tourist attractions such as Jinjuseong Fortress, Chokseongnu Pavilion, The Jinju National Museum and of course, the Jinyang lake among many others. Today, Hyesoo traveled to the city of Jinju to meet with the Mayor of Jinju and see what the city has to offer…

In 1593 when Japan invaded for the second time we call that ‘Bloody battle in Jinju’ that 70 thousand civilian soldier were killed, there was a patriotic civil general named Gyeong heo Choi. Nongae was his concubine. After Jinju was surrendered by Japan, Nongae drown herself with Japanese general at Wae Rock below here. The general was dead and that’s why she became famous and in some kind of meaning she could be named as the most honorable woman and first woman to offer one’s life in our 5000 years of history. This is the site of that story and