Kstar SEAN – The Celebrity Icon of Korean Charity (eng sub) – YouTube


We’ve interviewed so many great Korean celebrities.And today our special guest Sean(Noh Seung Hwan) probably has the most passionate and touching story ever….


6 Korean Male Celebrity Suit Styles!


Don’t know what to wear for that formal event or function? Want to mix it up a bit instead of wearing the same thing to all outings? Here are 6 Korean celebrity inspired suit looks that you can try yourself whether you need ideas for the next work meeting, corporate function or even wedding! Which one is your favorite celebrity look and which type of suit would you wear?

LEE JOONIK – The Master of Korean Historical Movies


Through “The King and the Clown”, the first Korean historical movie which attracted over 10 million viewers in Korea.

“The Throne” which made actor Yoo Ah-in one of the best actors on 2015. Director Lee Joon-ik who has directed these movies is called “The Master of Korean Historical Drama Films” . He laid the touchstone for the huge trend for historical movie trend in the past 5 years.

《The Throne》: https://youtu.be/hFK6aeN7j9c

6 Korean Celebrity Love Confessions (ENG sub/字幕) – YouTube


Have you ever watched Korean dramas and cringed or loved the moments when the leads confessed their love to each other? For this video we complied some famous moments when 6 celebrities (Ji Sung, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In and Kim Woo Bin) confessed their love in popular dramas…. Which one do you like the most?

http://SUNG JOON: Ideal Korean Boyfriend! (ENG SUB/韓語中字)


Watch Hallyu World’s exclusive interview with Korea’s Ideal Boyfriend, Sung Joon! In 2016, the Korean drama that made Korean women’s heart beating was ‘Madame Antoine.’ The model-turned actor, Sung Joon and romantic drama queen, Han Ye-Seul, worked together to catch people’s attention!

‘Madame Antoine’ is a love story between a fortune teller who can read other people’s minds but can’t be aware of her emotions and a psychotherapist who has no sense about his love. In the drama, Sung Joon played Choi Soo Hyun who is a great looking but cold and rational psychotherapist. They didn’t like each other at the beginning, but through participating in some patient’s psychiatric cure, they gradually realized about their true love and human emotions.

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Korean Music – Healing Concert in New York (Eng ONLY) – YouTube


On October 31st, the second Healing Concert was held in New York at the North Shore University Hospital
Guest performances were made by Superstar K3’s Christina Love Lee, Popera Singer Jung Sehun and Actor Heo Joon-ho, who changed the auditorium into a festive atmosphere of vocal wonder.

SKINCARE Secrets: Everything about Korean Dewy, Glowing Skin with Sokoglam – YouTube


Have you ever wondered how Korean celebrities take care of their skin to get that dewy, glowing look? Well skincare expert, esthetician and co-founder of Sokoglam, Charlotte Cho, explains to us at KCON how this look can be achieved and what we need to do without breaking the bank! Feel free to share with your friends this exclusive interview with Charlotte Cho today!

*Other topics discussed include…

1. The 10 Step Skincare Routine
2. Who the top makeup artists in Korea are right now
3.Trending Korean products such as Beauty Water, Air Cushion, Sheet Masks etc.
4. How to do the ‘Double Cleanse’ and the importance of it
5. The Little Book of Skincare: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin

[*EXCLUSIVE] Korean Actor Joo Jin-mo_朱鎮模_주진모 Teaser 1 (中字/ENG SUB) – YouTube


He starred in the popular romantic comedy ‘200 Pounds Beauty’ with a warm and touching story that delivers an uplifting message
‘Empress Ki’ the King Chunghye of Goryeo who was devoted but with ended in a tragic love story, making people’s hearts ache
He is the first Korean actor to play the lead role in a Chiung Yao story ‘Flowers in Fog,’ which had set a record
His acting career is bumpy, with ups and downs, but he has overcome the hardship and regained to popularity again
Hallyu World interviews handsome Joo Jin-mo!

Teaser1: https://youtu.be/e0OJSfB7E-M