*Korean Super Star Ha ji-Won in Hallyu World [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


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Hallyu World Fan2Star event
– interview ‪Ha Ji-Won‬ from Secret Garden and Empress Ki
– deadline for submission is May 25, 5:00pm, 2015 EST

Do you have questions you would like to ask Ha Ji Won, including questions regarding her dramas?

1. Let Ha Ji Won see you! Record your question in a short video and post the link on Hallyu World’s page
ex. Vanessa‘s clip: https://youtu.be/H9CF_21PCoU

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[*EXCLUSIVE] Versatile K-Star Lee SeungGi_李昇基_이승기(ENG SUB/韩语中字) – YouTube


In 2004, Lee SeungGi became really popular in the Korean music industry with his debut song, “Because You’re My Woman,” touching the hearts of many women and evoked a “Younger Boyfriend” trend within the nation.Later on, he became a versatile celebrity who achieved success in the areas of music, acting and variety shows. He was rated as one of the most loved CF actors by the public .The most desired son-in-law of Korean moms, he is Lee Seung-gi! Today, he is Hallyu World’s special guest!

Have you ever seen such a handsome, “Heodang” like him before? From “Non-stop Five,” to “The Infamous Chil Sisters,” “Brilliant Legacy,” “My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox,” “The King 2 Heart” and “Gu Family Book” etc. Every single one of his dramas was loved by the public.

With his recent film “Love Forecast,” Lee Seung-gi successfully captured the big screen.
Full Episode: http://www.ntdtv.com/xtr/gb/2015/05/14/a1196856.html

[*HOT] Stop Hair loss_Korean Organic products – YouTube


Spring has come, but it’s also the season where hair loss happens the most!This is one of the biggest difficulties that many people face. Therefore, what’s in my cart today is an instrument for combating hair loss – TALMO

In the past when we talk about hair loss, we always think about it as a problem older men or seniors use to face. However, nowadays, many younger people are also facing the same issue. Modern people like to dye and perm hair a lot and change their hairstyle frequently. Many people also drink, sleep late and encounter a lot of pressure. In fact, other than genetic factors, all of these bad habits will also directly lead to hair loss. I have spent a lot of money on hair products and like to try all of the ones that have good reviews. But I am very careful when selecting products.

First of all I have to check to see if it contains any chemicals. I try my best to use only organic products… I looked up the ingredient list and found it contains 8 natural extracts in