TWINS – Hong Kong’s Most Representative Pop Group


They are everyone’s favorite sisters in Hong Kong! They debuted in 2001 and have remained one of the most popular groups for 16 years. In the history of Hong Kong’s pop music, they are the one and only~~TWINS!
Although they have been around for more than ten years, TWINS not only release albums, they have ventured into advertisement and the film industry as well. It can truly be said that TWINS is Hong Kong’s most representative pop group!
TWINS’ latest film is “77 Heartbreaks”. At the Hong Kong Film Festival, I was really fortunate to meet them!
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Most Anticipated K-Movie in 2017 ‘Battleship Island’


Korean actors like Hwang Jung-min, So Ji-sub, Song Joong-ki, Lee Jung-hyun starred in “Battleship Island” to be the most anticipated one in 2017.

The film was set in Japan’s colonial era. The Japanese government conscripted a lot of South Korean civilians to excavate mine coal on Hashima Island. They were not paid and even brutally tortured by the Japanese militarily. Due to the bad techniques and conditions, many people died from the mine collapse accidents. Laborers who worked on the island called the Battleship Island as “Hell Island. ” So they managed to escape from the Battleship Island…
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