[K-Celeb] JooWon_周元_주원 Teaser (EN SUB) – YouTube


He is the overly ambitious antagonist Gu Ma-jun in “King of Baking, Kim Takgu” He is the autistic yet genius surgeon (or with autism) Park Si-on in “Good Doc…


[*EXCLUSIVE] Go Soo_高修_고수 專訪 Interview (EN SUB / 中字) – YouTube


A new movie that has been greatly anticipated in Korea recently is ‘The Tailors’.In fact, the short trailer alone is already full of excitement! ‘The Tailors’ is about Sanguiwon, a royal institute during the Joseon Era where the attire worn by royalty was made.

This historical movie uses hanbok as the medium and shows love, talent, jealousy, and desire that happened at that time. Because of the celebrities such as Go Soo, Han Suk-kyu, Park Shin-hye, and Yoo Yeon-seok, it attracted attention from many movie lovers.

Our guest today for Hallyu World Celebrity Interview is, a genius designer in the Joseon Era, Korean sculpture-like and handsome man, Go Soo!

[*EXCLUSIVE] Kim Woo Bin_金宇彬_김우빈 專訪 Interview (EN SUB/中字) – YouTube


*** FULL ENGLISH SUBTITLES 《韓流世界》 名人風新年特別節目!今天為了見一位很特別的嘉賓,慧秀來到了位於三清洞的一家咖啡廳。 本來我們2個月前邀請他來跟大家見面的,可是這個人真的實在太~忙! 不過今天終於有機會成行了!今天的客人,就是韓流四大天王之一的 金宇彬!不過,由於他最近日程忙碌而…