Travel to BUSAN (ENG SUB/中文) – YouTube


As an old Korean saying goes, “The more we go South, the more we can find good looking people,” Busan is a hometown of many Korean stars. Korean beauty repre…


K-Movie: Princess Deokhye (ENG SUB/中字) – YouTube


Forgotten by history, the last princess of the Joseon Dynasty. Because being born into the royal family, Princess Deokhye was forced to go to Japan. It’s a tragic representation of that era’s historical figures.

[Paris] JIN GOO exclusive:「太陽的後裔」徐上士 晋久專訪 (Eng Sub/韓語中字) – YouTube


The MC of Kcon Paris 2016 was Super Junior’s Leeteuk, with special guests including well-know actor Jin Goo and actress Han Ji Min.

《太陽的後裔 Descendant Of The Sun》里徐上士, 演員晉久和漂亮的韓智敏 這次被邀請 作為演唱會的特別嘉賓!在Kcon現場,慧秀見到了晉久(진구)!

6 Korean Celebrity Love Confessions (ENG sub/字幕) – YouTube


Have you ever watched Korean dramas and cringed or loved the moments when the leads confessed their love to each other? For this video we complied some famous moments when 6 celebrities (Ji Sung, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In and Kim Woo Bin) confessed their love in popular dramas…. Which one do you like the most?

[*獨家專訪] 河智苑_Ha Ji won_하지원 Teaser 1 (中字/ENG SUB) – YouTube


有 「變色龍」 之稱的河智苑 以惡女角色出道,輕鬆演繹 純情女、打女、性感女、學生妹、村姑、拜金女、運動員、藝伎、皇后、還有北韓軍官等各類角色。

她主演的《茶母》《秘密花園》和《奇皇后》等韓劇紅遍亞洲,多年活躍大小螢幕,成為影視票房雙料冠軍 (電影票房女王 電視收視女王),她在片場從不發火的親和態度,武打動作不用替身的敬業精神,譽為韓國娛樂界楷模!

百變女王河智苑 親切來訪 韓流世界!敬請期待!

Interview playlist:

[*EXCLUSIVE] Ha Ji won_河智苑_하지원 Teaser 1 (中字/ENG SUB) – YouTube


Ha Ji-won who’s also known as “The Chameleon” first debuted as an antagonist, then gained popularity in horror movies

She effortlessly switches between the roles of an innocent girl, martial artist, sexy lady, high school student, village girl, gold-digger, athlete, Gisaeng and even a North Korean special agent, etc.

Her dramas ‘Damo,’ ‘Secret Garden,’ and ‘Empress Ki’ swept across the whole of Asia

She’s been active on both the big and small screen, earning various awards and topping the charts in both films and TV series

By never getting impatient on the set, and doing action scenes herself instead of using a stunt double, she’s promoted as the role model in the Korean entertainment industry!

Versatile actress Ha Ji-won visits Hallyu World! Stay tuned!

[*EXCLUSIVE] XIA junxu_김준수 Interview (ENG SUB/韓語中字) – YouTube


Today, the celebrity guest that’s invited to Hallyu World is vocalist, Xia, of Korean Idol-group JYJ who became popular across the globe after their debut. It’s Hye-soo’s second time meeting with Xia. It’s been two years of preparation since he released his last album, And now he has returned with his new album. Now he looks more confident and mature.

JYJ and XIA focused mostly on performing concerts and releasing albums.They toured not only in Asia but also in North America, Europe, South America and around the world. They have many fans all over the world!

Xia is not only well known as a K-POP artist but also in the musical industry. Through large scale musicals such as ‘Mozart’ and ‘Elizabeth’ he has been improving rapidly. Does he have any special feelings between K-POP and musicals performances?
Especially, his performance of the “Last Dance” in the musical ‘Elizabeth,’ captivated me! It’s indeed amazing!

Xia is touring Asia again this year. I hope that his concerts will