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Christophe Michalak is renowned for his desserts and signature creations. Drawing inspiration from all parts of his life including superheroes and even Tour de France, he has created his own brand and unique line of desserts in France and Europe.

At the age of 15, Christophe Michalak started his journey to becoming a pastry master.
He became the pastry chef at Plaza Athenee Hotel at 26-years-old.
At 30, he was crowned ‘World Champion of Pastry’.
At 35, Michalak started to make appearances on TV and to write books.
and at 40, he decided to be self employed and open bakeries.
How about tomorrow? He said “I will dream about opening a bakery abroad.”

As part of Paris Fashion Week 2016, Hallyu World host, Hyesoo, had the chance to interview the master patissier himself, Christophe Michalak. Hear his personal stories, feast in his signature creations and learn how he started his incredible journey to where he is today.