Korea’s Sweetheart Ji Chang Wook in 7 Hot Dramas – YouTube


Korea’s sweetheart, Ji Chang Wook
He’s voted as the ideal man in Korea in 2017
It’s been 10 years since his debut, and his 7 dramas gained huge popularity. Which characters do you like most?
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Travel Korea: JEONJU – capital for Baekje kingdom, birthplace of bibimbap


Jeonju, the slow city… or is it? Follow our reporter Ally to Jeonju where she takes you to the most well known places around the city. Be inspired by the beautiful hanok houses, Gyeongi Palace and the famous Bibimbap that has become one of the most famous delicacies to be enjoyed here. Can you recognize the dramas that were filmed with Jeonju as the setting? Watch and find out today!

‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ ‘Princess Hours’ ‘Masquerade’ ‘The Fatal Encounter’ were filmed here! Bibimbap was created here! Let’s go explore Jeonju!

This is a city with 1,250 years of history, and the only city in Korea that preserved hanok houses inside of the city, therefore Jeonju makes frequent appearances in TV dramas and films

Jeonju was once the capital for Baekje kingdom, and the birthplace of Joseon Dynasty. It has the largest hanok village in Korea, with more than 800 traditional hanok houses…